Great Tips For Storing Wooden Chopsticks Not Moldy

Wooden chopsticks used for a long time, if you do not know how to preserve them, they will easily mold and affect health. Join TPI Group to see a great tip to help you preserve wooden chopsticks from mold effectively!

Handling Wooden Chopsticks Bought For The Frist Time

When new chopsticks are bought, you should not use them immediately, because the new wood can be harmful to the health of the user. Therefore, you should use hot water diluted with salt to clean newly purchased chopsticks. Salt has the ability to clean both effectively and safely

At the same time, you can use salt to clean when chopsticks are moldy. It’s also very simple to do

  • Step 1: Put salt in  pot boil for about 5-7 minutes
  • Step 2: Then, you put the chopsticks in to soak for about 5-10 minutes
  • Step 3: Finally, you take it out and dry it, it’s best to dry it directly in the sun. Once the chopsticks are dry, you can use them immediately.

Clean Wooden Chopsticks Before Using

Most users, when dining at home, often have the habit of not wiping their chopsticks before eating. This can make chopsticks moldy and unsafe for health

If you use chopsticks while still wet and contact with hot food, it will create a favorable environment for bacteria and mold to grow hidden on wooden chopsticks. Therefore, you need to use drytowel đểto wipe them before use

Prioritize Choóing Natural Dishwashing Liquid

Many people think that soaking wooden chopsticks in dishwashing liquid will help kill bacteria better. However, some dishwashing liquids contain a lot of phosphates  that create conditions for mold to form. Even if you let the chopsticks dry, the chopsticks still get moldy after a long time of use

Therefore, you should choose natural dishwashing liquid, limiting mold, killing up to 99.9% of bacteria, increasing the life of chopsticks and health safety for the whole family. At the same time, natural dishwashing liquid also protects your hands to always be smooth

Wash Wooden Chopticks Immediately After Using

After using wooden chopsticks, you need to wash your chopsticks immediately. You must not soak or leave it outside for too long because wet weather conditions will help mold and bacteria grow

At the same time, you should not soak your chopsticks with pots, pans, dishes  because grease and leftovers mix, bacteria will have a perfect opportunity to penetrate the wood. From there, this will make the chopsticks moldy faster, infected with bacteria, poisoned and harmful to health

Do Not Soak Wooden Chopstick For Too Long In Water

Most chopsticks are made of wooden material, when exposed to and soaked in water for a long time, not only makes the chopsticks easy to mold and harmful bacteria to grow, but also makes the chopsticks easy to rot and break, affecting the durability of the product

Therefore, you should not soak chopsticks in water for too long to ensure that health problems are not adversely affected and prolong the life of chopsticks

Do Not Rub Strongly On The Wooden ChopsTicks Body

Many housewives often have a habit of washing chopsticks by rubbing and rubbing chopsticks together to clean more effectively. However, this method not only does not clean chopsticks well, but also causes many serious harm

When rubbing chopsticks against each other with strong force, the body of the chopsticks will crack, creating small grooves. It is these grooves that are a favorable environment for bacteria and molds to multiply and reside

If it accumulates for a long time, it will be detrimental to the user’s health. Therefore, when washing chopsticks, you should only use a moderate force, do not rub or rub too hard

Drying Wooden Chopsticks In the Sun Regularly

After you have cleaned the wooden chopsticks with water and natural soap, you can place them on the basket and let them dry in direct sunlight. This will help you dry your chopsticks quickly, limit the appearance of mold and save time

If the weather is not sunny, put your chopsticks in a cool place or put them over the fire to dry them quickly. Users should absolutely not dry chopsticks in a humid place because it is easy to create conditions for bacteria and mold to grow and multiply

Change Chopsticks Periodically

Many families have a habit of using chopsticks for many years, and do not have the habit of changing new chopsticks, because they find them still in good use

However, this is a huge mistake because after a long time of using the product, the safety level of the product has gradually decreased. Chopsticks can be an indirect health hazard that you cannot anticipate

In order to ensure the safety of users’ health, manufacturers recommend replacing new chopsticks every  3 – 6 months. Therefore, you need to replace new chopsticks periodically, to avoid the chopsticks reaching the moldy period

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