TPI Group – Wooden Cooking Utensils

TPI Group Is Distributor Of Quality Agricultural Product As Well As Natural Product Which Are Very Environmental. Among Them, Wooden Cooking Utensils Are One Of TPI Group’s Flagship Product.

These Product Are Produced Based On Modern Line, Ensured High Aesthetics As Well As Long Durability.

Normally, The Other Wooden Products In Market Will Apply A Layer Of Pu Paint For The Skin. But TPI Group’s Wooden Product Use Pine Latex And Gac Oil Which Are Not Harmful For Users

High Aesthetics

All products are manufactured and carefully selected before releasing to the market


Non Toxic

The wooden product use the pine latex and gac oil for their skin so they are not harmful for users.



Produced from the wood of fruit trees, manly from the longan tree in Vietnam


FDA Certification

All Products got the certification for safety and quality. FDA – ISO 22000 – HCCA. Best Quality Product 


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